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Welcome to the Fradley Family Web site!

This is the site for the extended family of Charles and Dorothy Fradley.  It is intended to provide information for Fradley and non-Fradley family members .  The families represented include Fradley, Moore, Dean, Selove, O'Neill, Dault, Billings, Phipps, Almand, Johnson, Marino, Peterson, Ott, Smith, Ducar, Bech, Hopps, White, Ford, Ward, White, Riehl, Bauer, Baille, and Salhuana.

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Fradleys in 1958

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Congratulations to Christina & Endrico!

Phoenix is here!

Banks is here!

Congratulations to Emily & Rodrigo

Rylee is here!

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Congratulations to Christina and Endrico!

Christina Lee Fradley (56) and Endrico Vaask were married on June 26, 2023 on a lovely summer afternoon.

Endrico becomes Family member Number 154 .



Welcome Phoenix !

Welcome baby Phoenix James MoorePhoenix was born on April 19th, 2023 to Bruna(135) and Stirling(40) Moore at a healthy 7 pounds, 14 ounces and 18.5 inches Phoenix joins his sister Isadora.

Phoenix is Family Number 153.


  Welcome Banks !

NEW BABY!! Banks Dolan Dean arrived at 3:16am on February 25th, 2023 to the proud parents of Brook(143) and Tyler(59) Dean Banks joins his brother Rivers(144).

Banks is Family Number 152.



Congratulations to Emily and Rodrigo  




Emily Paige Moore (74) and Rodrigo Salhuana were married on October 31, 2022.

Rodrigo becomes Family member Number 151 .



  Welcome Rylee !

Rylee Grace Fradley is FINALLY home with Tara(54) and Steven Cascio!   Rylee was born on October 20, 2022, but had some issues (all resolved) that delayed her release from the hospital until December 12, 2022.

Rylee is Family Number 150.




Day 1

Greetings! Family.















Home at last!


Day 52
going home



Congratulations to Rebekah and Daniel

Rebekah Dault and Daniel Baille were married on December 8, 2021.

Daniel becomes Family member Number 149.

New Members and New Family Numbers

In the recent past our family had a growth spurt.  There was a small problem during this time in that many of the new members were not reported until after their numbers were assigned to another new member.  As a result, most of the new members had their numbers bumped.  Some more than once.  This is not much of a problem - these aren't like Social Security Numbers - but, there may come a day when a proud new member has their number tattooed on their body or something.  So, a timely announcement of a new family member and their offspring, if to be counted, is helpful.  Send the information to David.  Check out the members list here.

This brings up a couple of points where some feedback would be appreciated: first, how long to wait before no one gets bumped (in other words, they would get the next number in the order that the news is received - not when they actually became a member), and second, what guidelines are appropriate for assigning numbers to step-relatives.  Send me an email of your thoughts on these issues.  My thoughts are this:

Regarding the number order: Except for a date mix-up of of few days, maybe weeks, I think a number assigned when the "membership" is requested (meaning, when we find out) is OK.  This way no one will get bumped.  If you want "Your Number" be timely in letting us know when you became part of the family.

Regarding why a number is assigned: If you marry a member or are born to an active member, you are given a number.  Offspring or new spouses to divorced spouses of descendants are not given a number.  Step-children are different.  Normally, youngsters still under the custody of a member, even if shared, are given a number - if requested.  However, we are getting older.  Some members are remarrying late in life.  It's inevitable that a new spouse will have children who are married and possibly have grand-children.  I believe this may be too much to keep track of and, more importantly, they may not want to be "absorbed" into the family of the new step-parent or step-grandparent. Maybe we should create a cut-off policy ("policy" being loosely used here - we're pretty easy-going).  Again, send your thoughts to David.

Of course, both of these issues will be somewhat resolved if we assign numbers when we hear the news or get the request.  This way even in the case of an extended "step" family, if the new member wants their pre-existing family to be counted as our family - what's better than that!

2020 Family Reunion

Fradley Family Reunion 2015

The 2020 Family Reunion Photos are coming!!!


Family Photos

A photo gallery of family gatherings, weddings, vacations, history, and such.


Some of the Family's favorite and endearing recipes are featured HEREIf you have a recipe to add please send it to David.  Including a photo would be nice.





A small tribute to remember those Family members who have passed but will be forever in our memory.

Fradleys in Miami ABOUT US

This site is dedicated to the descendants of Charles (1919-2001) and Dorothy(1922-2008) Fradley. Charles and Dorothy were originally from Ohio, but settled in Florida in the early '50's. They had ten children: Dennis, Charles, John, Dale, Delvin, Douglas, David, Doreen, Donald, and Daniel.

This site was last updated 07/03/23

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